[consulting] Drupal considerd dangerous

Kaliya * identitywoman at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 02:17:25 UTC 2006

On 12/24/06, Sami Khan <sami at etopian.net> wrote:
>  Drupal can and will pretty much do anything that a web application can do
> given it's in the right hands of people, this is in terms of functionality,
> ANYTHING!.If one of the core developers takes on a project that they're
> bound to finish regardless or any circumstance then yes Drupal can be
> developed into any type of application you want, period.

Ok. so you Sami just proved the point of the original author of this thread.
This is the arrogant 'it can do anything attitude' along with the caveat
'especially true if you are core.'
Well the companies that adopted this and then were hurt likely heard the
first sentence and didn't quite get the second sentence. They then found out
about it when the got stuck and had to pay some core developers really high
rates per hour to get them unstuck. Of course core guys can build what ever
they want. The swim in the code all day long and have done so for years.
This does not mean it is the right choice for a startup.
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