[consulting] Drupal considerd dangerous

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Tue Dec 26 14:30:52 UTC 2006

>> quite a while (years).  So after hacking out the 'creat content'  page 
>> that my end-users would see if they wanted to do a blog post...to 
>> instead jsut go to a 'post a blog page' and facing the fact that I would 
>> need to re-hack this sort of BASIC usabilty again and again in the 
> You mean, disabling the original Navigation block and using your own 
> custom menu block, with just a link to the "post your blog" thing (and 
> anything else you wanted). That's not a hack - that's intentional 
> functionality and takes all of five minutes, no core or code 
> modifications required. Did you not know you could do this?

Alternatively, of course, you could have simply hit admin/menu and 
disabled the "create content" page, which would leave you with a list of 
the content you're allowing users to post. You could then modify their 
name and location further if you'd like. This would save you from having 
to redefine existing menu items (or lose dynamic items).

I think you've misinterpreted comments about usability. Drupal can not 
look and act like a blog engine such as Wordpress. Your particular use 
case (of which primarily you've only mentioned users writing blog posts) 
is not one we can dumb Drupal down to - Drupal supports far too much for 
it to be "just" a blogging engine out of the box. Yes, you can make it 
look and act like one (by, as a first step, getting rid of "create 
content" - a front-end to the hundreds of different types of content 
that Drupal can create - and showing just the "blog" entry you want your 
users to fool around with, as above).

You may find, with the forthcoming Drupal 5's install profiles, that 
someone will make a "blog" distro of Drupal, which has been pre-catered 
to look and act like Wordpress, with all the backend capabilities and 
customizing that Drupal has always  supported still intact. This single 
distribution could then be a good basis for starting a blog site of some 
sort. That may be something more in league with what you're looking for.

And yes, comparisons to, or "waiting" for, Ruby is folly.

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