[consulting] Drupal considerd dangerous

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Tue Dec 26 22:23:49 UTC 2006

Earl Miles wrote:
> Kaliya * wrote:
>>If could figure out how to actually get of your lists which I have tried 
> If you go to that URL, there will be an unsubscribe section from that page. You 
> have to enter the email address you have on the list; you will then be sent a 
> message asking you to confirm your unsubscribe.

Speaking of unsubbing, if this conversation actually continues I must simply 
point you people to my website


Where I will take the time to actually write a new article on this site about 
people inappropriately assigning blame. It's so easy to shift responsibilty for 
one's own failings to a piece of software...

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