[consulting] Drupal considerd dangerous

Michael Haggerty mhaggerty at trellon.com
Tue Dec 26 23:21:15 UTC 2006

Earl - 

You have to understand, if Drupal can do everything, it must be responsible
for everything else, too. It has caused an immense amount of harm to
business and really should be outlawed. The harms of people believing the
implied proposition that Drupal will make millions for their startup without
an adequate understanding of underlying business principles simply outweighs
the benefits to any individual, organization or democratically elected

It affects a lot more than the business world, and we certainly are not
talking about all the harms it causes in people's lives. Drupal has cost me
countless nights of lost sleep and lead to the catastrophic failure of my
personal life. Between the IRC chat rooms, RSS feeds, meetups, release
candidates, it really is overwhelming my ability to be effective in this
world and taxes my abilities to operate as an adult. I have burned through
at least $50k in seed money spent on pizza, diet coke, extra laptops and
PCs, travel to various events, entertaining peers in the Drupal community,
beer nights with associates in Vegas, lost time contributing patches and
modules, etc, just in the last 2 weeks.

It's all Drupal's fault I hardly ever leave my office, my skin is pasty
white like milk, my waist is bigger than it was in college and I haven't
slept in a month. Someone misrepresented the benefits of the platform, I
believed it would exercise for me, get me that graduate degree without
studying and enhance my personal life when I used it for my blog (btw, that
lowlife Morbus is a liar and a cheat). If I had chosen any of those other
platforms that do exactly what I want without me having to work for it, none
of these problems would exist and I would be a happy, self actualized
individual instead of the scheming code freak I have become. 

Other things would be better too. My business would run itself without me
actually having to understand the demands of the market or how my choice of
technology can be used to address them. My employees would all be Ruby on
Rails developers who can wave their happy little code wands and make
incredible things happen during their 4 hour work weeks then go home to
enjoy their richly deserved 8 figure salaries. Piles of cash would magically
appear in the corporate account without me needing to do anything, and
people from Forbes would visit everyday for my tea parties to talk about how
brilliant I am. Corporate fairies would carry my business up to the clouds
and I would ride my magical pony Buttons to work on a rainbow beltway to my
golden office in Whoopdie City, just like all those Ruby on Rails developers

Looking back, there's nothing I regret more in this world than responding to
Morbus' spam e-mails about free and easy business startups using open source
technology available from Drupal, Inc. He promised I would not even have to
leave my bedroom - but never told me I wouldn't be able to leave. I didn't
even know Drupal was made by someone other than Microsoft until I had my
entire life operating on it. I had already burned so much life capital by
the time I came to understand it would not rock me to sleep at night without
heavy customization that is was a waste to continue. Drupal is responsible
for the complete and total collapse of any prospects I had for being a whole
person, even my spleen is GPLed now and being used by hackers in Russia for
phishing scams and Viagra fraud.

Damn you Drupal! Now you have me hooked and I am pushing it on poor
defenseless startup firms that don't know any better. For God's sake,
someone tell the government to stop this before our kids figure out tar

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> Speaking of unsubbing, if this conversation actually continues I must
> simply
> point you people to my website
> http://www.assignblame.com
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> about
> people inappropriately assigning blame. It's so easy to shift
> responsibilty for
> one's own failings to a piece of software...
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