[consulting] Selling Drupal to consultants

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Mon Feb 13 06:03:07 UTC 2006

The "Costs of forking" thread has focused on how to convince clients that OSS 
software like Drupal is a good thing, and that the benefits are worth it.  
Good stuff. :-)  I have a slightly different problem, however.

I work at a small web development consulting company that has just doubled in 
size in the past few months.  The developer (singular) who wrote our old 
codebase has mostly left, and everyone agrees the old CMS code is 
unmaintainable.  Lucky me, I get to write the new one. :-)  Fun as it sounds 
to write a CMS from scratch on a deadline and then turn around and use it on 
a client site almost immediately, I'd much rather switch the company over to 
Drupal then write a rushed Drupal-inspired hacked-up CMS.  I've mentioned it 
a few times, and so far haven't gotten a firm no but mostly have gotten 
waffling "we'll see".  

If I can get an actual discussion on the table somehow, any suggestions on how 
to sell both my fellow developers and designers and management on Drupal?  
They made it clear when I was hired that we're not an open source shop, since 
I'm a big open source fan, although we do current use some LGPLed stuff in 
various places and we make it a point that we always own the code, not the 
client.  I want to wedge that door wider, for my own sanity if nothing 
else. :-)


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