[consulting] Drupal Professions Shop Conference Call

Gregory Heller gregory at civicactions.com
Thu Feb 23 00:45:27 UTC 2006

At OSCMS Summit we talked about having periodic conference calls with
the consulting shops that specialize in drupal deployment and
development for hire.

I would like to propose the first call for Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
at 4pm eastern, 1Pm pacific (and whatever time that is wherever you are)
for 60 to 90 minutes.  Really just an oportunnity to check in and talk
in real time about things that are happening.

This call is specifically geared to firms/shops that are doing drupal
deployments to talk about things like:
    Drupal Pros Directory
    Client Funded Module Development
    DrupalCamp training sessions

I'd propose that if representatives of 5 shops are available at this
time, we go ahead with the call and determine an agenda before hand.

Please respond to this message (keeping the subject and headers intact)
with the following information by Friday 2/24/06 at 5PM pacific (i will
then consolidate the results, reserver a conference line and send out a
notice to this list):
    Are you interested in this type of call?
    Are you available to make this particular date/time?
    Do you have anything specific you would like to put on the agenda at
this time?

Gregory Heller
AIM/SKYPE: GregoryHeller

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