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Dan Robinson dan at civicactions.com
Thu Feb 23 02:49:43 UTC 2006

Anybody think we could do this sooner?  like 2-3 weeks from now?  We've
had to turn away work recently because there is just too much.  I happen
to know that other Drupal shops who were approached re: the same work
are also slammed and don't have bandwidth.  On location -

NY - You get Boston, DC, Philly for the price of one - yes it is more
expensive - key thing would be to arrange very cheap housing.
SF - cheaper - not as dense a population - more likely to find crash space.

I think we need to get this done :)

> As posted here:
> http://www.zacker.org/drupal-camp
> The CivicActions folks are starting to organize the first "Drupal
> Camp", a multi-day intensive Drupal developer training program.
> Why?
> Every Drupal shop I know of is in a crunch of Drupal development
> talent. The limit on their ability to take on more and bigger projects
> is not from lack of sales leads or lack of management capability, it
> is simply there are not enough seasoned developers on hand to pay to
> work on Drupal development projects. An experienced and talented
> web-application developer will take a bit of time to learn Drupal
> inside and out and get up to speed developing complex websites, so it
> is not simply a matter of bringing in fresh talent, we need fresh
> Drupal talent. The Drupal economy is rocketing skyward and this
> problem will only become more intense in the forseable future. This is
> an immediate and growing problem that we need to start solving now.
> Who?
>    1. Drupal newbies sponsored by their parent companies
> (CivicActions, Trellon, etc)
>    2. Drupal engineering experts to lead the class. Anyone up for
> this? :) (Matt Westgate, Crunchywelch provided he doesn't drown?).
>    3. Other Drupal folks in the neighborhood also might want to get
> together for a code sprint or to discuss Drupal projects.
> When?
> At Vancouver Josh and I floated out the idea of doing it in
> conjunction with the Personal Democracy Forum on May 15th. This dates
> works with me, does it sound reasonable to you?
> Where?
> If we do it in NYC in conjunction with PDF, I can think of two
> possiblities off the top of my head:
>    1. The Tank
>    2. EyeBeam
> I will follow up with my contacts at both of these venues tomorrow.
> Does anyone know of another possible venue?
> Curriculum
> We should make sure that whatever is taugh and learned at "Drupal
> Camp" is recorded and synthesized for posterity. We want to have many
> more of these in the future so we should aim for publish-able
> curriculum that can be later posted on Drupal.org.
> Next Steps?
>    1. Gregory Heller is organizing a consultant conference call to
> talk about this and other issues shortly on the consultat mailinglist.
>    2. David Geilhufe proposed we look into the former Ars Digita
> training camps. I'll sign up to follow up and do some research and try
> to talk to folks involved in organizing them.
>    3. We need to figure out a data / location. Unless someone can come
> up with a better data / location than PDF on May 15th let's go with
> that. I will start looking seriously into venues tomorrow.
>    4. We need to line up the teaching staff and get firm commitments
> from vendors to sponsor newbies. I can take this on starting Friday.
> Thoughts?
> -Zack
> On Feb 22, 2006, at 5:59 PM, Gregory Heller wrote:
>> Perhaps the problem sets could include things like:
>> Port a contributed module from 4.6 to 4.7?
>> Integrate bug fixes or patches for a module
>> they could be submitted by the community, or culled from the forum
>> http://drupal.org/forum/51
>> any revenue generated could go to defray costs for space, food,
>> trainer's and organizer's time, back to drupal, and maybe to the
>> "student" in an amount no greater than the cost of the camp (if there is
>> a cost associated).
>> Another option could be completing an entire website project for a non
>> profit organization.
>> David Geilhufe wrote:
>>> Back in the dot com boom, a company called ARS Digita did "boot
>>> camps."  I like the name "Drupal Camp"
>>> These basically were 2-5 day training sessions for developers. You
>>> went the camp, learned some basics and then completed some "problem
>>> sets" collaboratively with the folks at the boot camp. A problem set
>>> would be something like creating a module. Perhaps the problems could
>>> be something like:
>>> 1. Create a basic module.
>>> 2. Create a module that exercises parts of the Drupal API thoroughly.
>>> 3. Create a new theme
>>> 4. ?
>>> This would also be a great addition to the handbook for folks to
>>> self-study.
>>> If someone with more drupal skills were to work with me, we could come
>>> up with a few problem sets to start putting together on the Handbook.
>>> david
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