[consulting] Drupal Professions Shop Conference Call

Jason Flatt drupal at oadae.net
Thu Feb 23 14:51:24 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 22 February 2006 04:45 pm, Gregory Heller wrote:
> Please respond to this message (keeping the subject and headers intact)
> with the following information by Friday 2/24/06 at 5PM pacific (i will
> then consolidate the results, reserver a conference line and send out a
> notice to this list):
>     Are you interested in this type of call?

Well, no, not really, but see below.

>     Are you available to make this particular date/time?

I can be.  Though it may be a stretch.  That time is better than others you 
could have picked.  :^)

>     Do you have anything specific you would like to put on the agenda at
> this time?

No.  (Yes, lots.  But, no, not really.  Again, see below.)

I am very interested in moving my career path in the Drupal direction, so I'm 
open (and motivated) for anything that might help, even if it is something 
outside of my normal mode of operation and/or pushes me out of my comfort 
zone (the whole career change is somewhat out of my confort zone).

While I have been doing computer and network service and support for over 10 
years, I'm very much a newbie in this field (I haven't really been paying 
attention to Web standards since about HTML 3.0), and don't even know what 
are appropriate questions to ask or want to ask.

While I would like to join in on the call, if I can swing the time, I suspect 
I will not actually be bringing anything useful or relevant to the 
conversation, from a Drupal point of view (though I might from a consulting 
and/or computer consulting point of view).  Mostly I'm hoping that some of it 
will rub off on me.  :^)  My point in answering is to say, "Yes, I'm 
interested."  But, if I feel that I will be a hindrance, I will probably not 
join in, rather than just hanging out for no really good reason.

Jason Flatt
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9; Angela; Harry, 5; and William, 12:04 am, 12-29-2005)
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