[consulting] Drupal Professions Shop Conference Call

Bill Fitzgerald bill at funnymonkey.com
Thu Feb 23 18:33:23 UTC 2006

Hello, all,

>>             Are you interested in this type of call?
>>             Are you available to make this particular date/time?
I'm trying to clear my schdeule for this time -- If I can't get free for 
the entire time, is it possible to be involved for as much as possible?
>>             Do you have anything specific you would like to put on the agenda at
>>         this time?
There have been some interesting ideas discussed regarding how companies 
that use Drupal can effectively contribute back to the community -- I'm 
looking forward to working with people in this area, specifically with 
regards to creating/improving documentation for new users.



Bill Fitzgerald
Tools for Teachers
503 897 7160

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