[consulting] Re: consulting Digest, Vol 3, Issue 25

David Geilhufe dgeilhufe at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 15:46:13 UTC 2006

This was the strength of ARS Digita's approach.

They created a set of problem sets that you needed to "solve". Those 
problem sets were free on the web.
Then they created a camp where you could get together with your peers 
and work on the problem sets.

So what we really want to get to in the end is:

(1) A self study course
(2) A way to collaborate online to do the 'course'.
(3) A real-world get together to do the course.

Best of all worlds :)

> Camps are nice.  I think you should do them.  It makes sense for  
> businesses to recruit local developers at these events.
> But if you write a good page of documentation then hundreds ,  
> thousands, and even tens of thousands of people will read it and use  
> it 24/7/365 from all around the world.   I have included a partial  
> days handbook traffic on programming topics alone.  If every Drupal  
> volunteer and Drupal related business spent just 1 hour a month  
> helping with developer training documentation we could train  
> thousands of developers to use the platform in an economically  
> accessible way.

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