[consulting] CiviCRM Developers Conference Call: 03-08-2006 11am Pacific Time

David Geilhufe dgeilhufe at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 23 21:41:12 UTC 2006

The CiviCRM team tries to bring developers together periodically to 
touch base on CiviCRM and get questions and/or concerns addressed. Dave 
and Lobo will host a conference call to talk about what developers want 
to talk about. Initial agenda ideas include:

1. Experiences with CiviCRM
2. Developing for CiviCRM (APIs)
3. CiviCRM in the future

We are organizing the agenda here:

If you would like to suggest agenda items, please edit the wiki or leave 
a comment.
If you are planning to attend, please leave your name on the wiki so we 
can get a feel for how many people will be there.

The call details will be forthcoming, but the call in number will be 
somewhere in the US :) [freeconference.com]

CiviCRM Team.

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