[consulting] Just got off a call

Michael Haggerty mhaggerty at trellon.com
Thu Feb 23 21:58:45 UTC 2006

In case anyone is wondering why it is a good idea to start in with training
new users, I just got off a call with a client I have been talking about
doing business with for a long time.

He runs a medium sized non-profit, has a big chunk of money to spend, knows
what he wants to get out of a technology investment and possesses a genuine
desire to spend money on open source that will benefit the community. He
wants to hire someone to do development on staff, who would be responsible
for building the site and supporting it once it goes live. Despite the fact
he is in a major metropolitan area, he cannot find a Drupal developer to
hire. I know a lot of people, but I realize I am in competition with him for
the same resources.

This is what is meant by support, it is whether you can find someone to help
you fix your problem. It happens at many levels, from business decision
makers down to developers. It is not just support in the sense of work, it
is a face representing a tech community who is willing speak to the
advantages of going a certain route to others interested in learning. Right
now, there is someone who could fund major contributions to the core ready
to go to Rails or Plone because no one competent lives near him and has time
to work on his projects.

He cannot be the only person with this concern. A lack of support starves a


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