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John Sechrest sechrest at jas.peak.org
Thu Feb 23 22:15:43 UTC 2006

I suspect that the there is a drupal person nearby or willing to move
to take that position, if it were widely announced. Ask him for a finders
fee and then comb the drupal community for people would be willing
to take the job. 

"Michael Haggerty" <mhaggerty at trellon.com> writes:

 % In case anyone is wondering why it is a good idea to start in with training
 % new users, I just got off a call with a client I have been talking about
 % doing business with for a long time.
 % He runs a medium sized non-profit, has a big chunk of money to spend, knows
 % what he wants to get out of a technology investment and possesses a genuine
 % desire to spend money on open source that will benefit the community. He
 % wants to hire someone to do development on staff, who would be responsible
 % for building the site and supporting it once it goes live. Despite the fact
 % he is in a major metropolitan area, he cannot find a Drupal developer to
 % hire. I know a lot of people, but I realize I am in competition with him for
 % the same resources.
 % This is what is meant by support, it is whether you can find someone to help
 % you fix your problem. It happens at many levels, from business decision
 % makers down to developers. It is not just support in the sense of work, it
 % is a face representing a tech community who is willing speak to the
 % advantages of going a certain route to others interested in learning. Right
 % now, there is someone who could fund major contributions to the core ready
 % to go to Rails or Plone because no one competent lives near him and has time
 % to work on his projects.
 % He cannot be the only person with this concern. A lack of support starves a
 % community.
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