[consulting] Drupal Professions Shop Conference Call

Greg Knaddison greg.knaddison at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 00:08:36 UTC 2006

On 2/23/06, Gregory Heller <gregory at civicactions.com> wrote:
> There are issues that effect Drupal shops.  I am trying to get shops
> together because the shops I have spoken to have all expressed interest
> in working more collaboratively to address the problems/challenges that
> we face.  One of those big problems is training and developing new
> talent, not just so there can be more lone cowboys out there, but so
> that Drupal shops can take on bigger projects, and scale.

If the shops really have this resource crunch and want to take bigger
projects and scale, they should be courting the lone contractors so
they can establish ties.  You know, courting, like, inviting them to a

> We are trying to have a focused conference call to address the issues
> that shops are facing.

Several of the people who have replied that they want to be on the
call are members of two or three person "firms".  Many of those two
and three people firms have been involved in Drupal for a year or 
less.  Some of those firms do a variety of things and Drupal is only
one of them, so one might classify those firms as "dabbling in
drupal".  Yet as far as I can tell, you only gave the brush-off to
Jason (and privately to me since I responded in private that I'd like
to attend).  It's because you don't like my haircut isn't it?

A few days ago you "de.licio.used" my blog about steps to take after
installing Drupal.  Should I ask that you not use that resource
because my intended audience with it was lone consultants?  Because I
really did write that for my friend who is a lone consultant.

Among other things Drupal is community creation system - let's create
some inclusive community, eh?


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