[consulting] Drupal Professions Shop Conference Call

Kaliya * kaliya at planetwork.net
Fri Feb 24 05:00:27 UTC 2006

Just today I had someone contact me via linked in asking if I knew any
qualified drupal developers for a well funded project that wants some.
I can't point them to a hub to really find the qualified shopes and
develoeprs that is very clear public facing site - accessable to
non-drupal geeks.   I told them to go to the IRC channel - this is not
good public facing marketing.   This proposal to address these really
chalelnges.  Gregory was serious when he said anyone was welcome on
the call along with being clear what the focus is - he is being
inclusive. So join in the dialog.  As for CA 'not contributing' they
have built some of the biggest and most beautiful drupal
sites....everyone building sites is contributing to the community by
spreading the platform and making it more viable.

The drupal shops who are making proposals competing against closed
source big companies like Kintera, GetActive and Convio need a place
to point to in their proposals that very publically makes the case for
going open source. ... namely vendor lockin is avoided..."if you dont'
like us after our contract is up here are all the other
shops/developers you can hire to continue to maintain or further
develope your site"

I choose this platform to build my (relatively tiny) - social
enterprise on because I found a community that really seemed like it
was working together (open source code base health is determined by
the strength and capacity of the community to work together and
collectively make the whole better) there are some serious challenges
that deserve attention hopefully this effort can address a few of


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