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IGANC - A long term, great (potential) opportunity for Drupal Curriculum:
  Paul Resnick (http://www.si.umich.edu/~presnick) posted this to my blog  post on the drupal camp idea  (http://www.civicactions.com/DrupalBootCamp) that I posted on Sunday  night.
  I've let him know that all of our work (by CivicActions contractors at  least) will be released under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike  License, and he's communicated to me our follow up emails that he's  seriously interested in collaborating with the community.
  I'm a professor at the University of Michigan School of Information.  I'm putting together a proposal for curriculum around content  management systems (probably with Drupal as the key tool, though Plone  is in the running).
  Universities work a little slower than the open source world-- I'm  proposing courses for January 2007. And my audience is actually going  to include people with less programming background, but knowledge of  usability, social psychology, the relationship between organizations  and social collections, etc.
  But if you get something going in a quicker time frame, I'd like to help in some way if I can, and make use of what you create.
  -Paul Resnick-
  Can I suggest that we (including the bigger shops) agree to a policy  around the license for our co-creative curriculum works so that we can  freely rip, mix, and burn for the benefit of the community (and also  gain access to derivative works)? I'm particularly fond of CCSA for  this type of work.
  Can I also suggest that we attempt, if possible, to capture the  trainings in video form (using the same license). The more we can do to  develop new talent and lower the barrier for new folks to come into the  community, the more we will all benefit. Rich media is very good for a  large segment of the population.
  One last suggestion - Can we stop attacking new members of the  community that are trying to contribute by saying that they haven't  contributed yet. Hello, that's ridiculous. It will shut down new  contributions by shaming newbies.

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