[consulting] Drupal Curriculum - License Policies

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Fri Feb 24 23:09:16 UTC 2006

> Can I suggest that we (including the bigger shops) agree to a  
> policy around the license for our co-creative curriculum works so  
> that we can freely rip, mix, and burn for the benefit of the  
> community (and also gain access to derivative works)? I'm  
> particularly fond of CCSA for this type of work.

All of Bryght's online docs have been CCSA from the beginning. I  
specifically asked for the NC part to be dropped from handbook  
licensing so that commercial vendors could also be peers.

> One last suggestio n - Can we stop attacking new members of the  
> community that are trying to contribute by saying that they haven't  
> contributed yet. Hello, that's ridiculous. It will shut down new  
> contributions by shaming newbies.

Not sure where this is coming from? Can you let us know? This is not  
the usual course of action I have seen from the community as a whole.

Although I *do* hope to see http://cvsweb.civicactions.net move  
anything useful to the wider community over the Drupal CVS :P

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