[consulting] A defense for new users

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Sat Feb 25 04:54:46 UTC 2006

On Feb 24, 2006, at 8:44 PM, John Handelaar wrote:

> More to the point, I remain entirely unilluminated after Kieran's  
> superlong post about why his stuff can't be achieved in themes and  
> modules.

We are trying to get the administration module into core.  We are  
specifically talking about the design of the default administration  
interface being new user oriented.

> And am more than a little surprised that he didn't use some small  
> portion of those hundreds of words to telling us.

Advanced users understand CMS concepts and know how to accomplish  
tasks.  So they prefer categorized overview of features instead of a  
task oriented interface.
> [And what the hell it's got to do with this list.]

Consultants deal with building sites for regular users all the time.   
Of all the mailing lists consultants are the audience most likely to  
spend their time explaining to new users how to accomplish tasks.

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