[consulting] EuroOSCON, OSCON Portland

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Tue Feb 28 23:28:15 UTC 2006

On 28-Feb-06, at 12:40 PM, Gregory Heller wrote:

> Is there a portland drupal "meetup"?  It might be a good way to start
> planning for some kind of event that would coincide with oscon.   
> recent
> meetups style events have been drawing crowds (20 in ny during the  
> work
> day, 40 in dc in th evening, 40 in the bay area)

Some educational users (see DrupalED.org) had a few meetings in  
Portland...not sure if this is ongoing.

> Boris, when you say "organizing anything around these event" you mean
> things like barcamp or drupalcon (or drupalcamp) that might  
> piggyback on
> these events?

Yes, but also any Drupal presence at these events -- i.e. a booth,  
promotional materials, etc. For instance, we attended FOSDEM, but  
didn't have a booth or official presence on the schedule.

Basic "protocol" for our previous 4 DrupalCons is that some group of  
people take the charge of organizing, and off we go. They do NOT need  
to be organized around other events, but this was useful as a  
marketing excercise.


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