[consulting] What you should know about Drupal -- state of the documentation on Drupal.org

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Thu Jun 15 16:07:21 UTC 2006

Here is an overview on the state of the documentation.

Most read handbook pages this week are all about starting with  
Drupal: http://drupal.org/handbook/most-popular-pages
About Drupal Installing Drupal, Is Drupal right for you?, Installing  
Drupal, modules and themes,  Welcome README,  Introduction to Drupal  
terminology,  Gallery: Images and links to the home pages of Drupal  
sites,  Installation and configuration,  Installing Drupal ,  On  
backwards compatibility: the drop is always moving, Formatted Drupal  
Installation instructions for better readability, System  
requirements, Basic site configuration, What's new in Drupal 4.7,  

Biggest change?  The rise of Video casts at 17K page views, which  
shows a demand for more videos.

Most read handbook pages with over 120-225K page views: About  
Drupal,  Installing Drupal, Is Drupal right for you? Installation and  
configuration, Basic site configuration, Customization and theming,  
End user guide

Most commented pages: http://drupal.org/handbook/comments
We now have at least 5 pages with over 20 comments.
Display (x) recent nodes (with teasers) of a specified type from a  
specified taxonomy term	39
Display the (x) most recent nodes in full from a specific  
category							25
Adding next & previous links for node types within taxonomy terms  
(e.g. Image Galleries)		23
Converting 4.6 modules to 4.7															21
Making additional variables available to your templates									21

Having this many comments on handbook pages means we are not editing  
enough, and more importantly that we are perhaps working on the wrong  
pages.  Four of these pages are about how to improve the display of  
information on a site.  We should continue to watch this as a trend.

Moderation Queue: http://drupal.org/moderation-queue
27 unmoderated pages in the last two weeks means the documentation  
team is not doing their job.  No one has contacted me to have their  
page moderated which means no one knows about the moderation queue  
page.   It's time to start deleting pages or at least un-publishing  
them so the moderation queue can be managed more effectively.

Top search terms on Drupal.org:
Anonymous users -- CCK has now surpassed flexinode for anonymous  
users as a top search term.  Calendar is in the top ten reflecting a  
need for event management with a site.  Wiki is present too.

     * tinymce (132)
     * cck (125)
     * flexinode (122)
     * gallery (117)
     * forum (116)
     * taxonomy (114)
     * filemanager (104)
     * calendar (103)
     * ajax (100)
     * wiki (99)

Authenticated users - CCK is dominant.  Perhaps we need some CCK  
videos.  CiviCRM has moved up from top 15 to top 6 reflecting the  
desire to integrate Drupal with other open source projects and the  
importance of managing contact information with your website.  We  
also see events in the top queries reflecting the importance of  
events.  Wiki shows up meaning we might need a page comparing Drupal  
to wikis.

     * cck (100)
     * what url for feeds (73)
     * gallery (65)
     * wiki (63)
     * paypal (59)
     * civicrm (55)
     * tabs (49)
     * flexinode (46)
     * AJAX (45)
     * filemanager (45)
     * user roles (45)
     * event (44)

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