[consulting] Establishing a separate portal titled http://www.drupalmarket.com for offering Drupal based commercial services online?

Jenny Hsueh lists at ondemand-network.com
Sun Jun 18 18:22:09 UTC 2006

I think there were similar discussions on this topic before but don't 
remember the reasons why it did not carry on.

We will be interested to discuss in more details if others do. should 
this topic be moved on to http://groups.drupal.org/consulting first, a 
web interface seems easier for sorting things out before we decide what 
format/structure this market place should be.


Fouad Riaz Bajwa wrote:

> *Hi Community Members,*
> A small idea for all of us, it just dawned upon me whether some of us 
> could team up and introduce this concept of 
> http://www.drupalmarket.com <http://www.drupalmarket.com/> where by we 
> could all establish commercial project services around Drupal for the 
> rest of the world and a portion of the income, say 2%-5% would go as a 
> commission to the Drupal project sustaining it out of every project 
> that is commissioned or completed via this website. I would have done 
> it from here but I am based in Pakistan, don’t have a credit card or 
> the group here to make such an initiative. I wanted this to be a 
> successful Open Source Community Support and OSS based Commercial 
> Market Development programme? Your suggestions guys and anyone wants 
> to team up, it could be like this, some support the hosting, some the 
> system, some the marketing aspect and etc, etc! But don’t forget the 
> idea proposing guy! J
> The project would be like this:
>    1. An online market place and commercial forum related to services
>       and support around Drupal
>    2. A project board where Drupal Service Buyers can post projects
>       for Drupal Service Providers to Bid on
>    3. A Module sale/commissioning market for developing and selling
>       large scale Drupal Modules
>    4. A Theme sale/commissioning market for hosting custom developed
>       Drupal Themes
>    5. Service Provider Blogs
>    6. Service Provider Tutorials Center
>    7. A wiki that will host a book edited by service providers on
>       providing Drupal Services
>    8. All sales and purchases will be charged a commission say, 5% out
>       of which 2%-5% charges will automatically be donated to the
>       Drupal Project.
> So who is gonna join in this model?
> Regards
> -----------------------
> Fouad Riaz Bajwa
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