[consulting] Drupal Certification and Requirements

Jeremy O'Leary jeremy at biohabit.org
Wed Dec 19 17:43:37 UTC 2007

> In 20 years of professional computer-related work and consulting,
> I've found formal certifications to be relatively useless as a way of
> judging a job candidate's skill and knowledge.
> While I'm sure it would generate income for the certifier, I'm not
> sure if this would really be of value to the community. Although if
> the money went to the Drupal Association and was used to fund the
> continued development of Drupal that would not be the worst thing to
> happen.

In my experience they are rather handy in getting past the HR  
department.    The other thing a certification provides is an entry  
path and shows a bit of commitment when you don't have a bunch of  
experience to point at/reference.

+ Jeremy

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