[consulting] Drupal Certification and Requirements

Liam McDermott liam at intermedia-online.com
Fri Dec 21 12:31:27 UTC 2007

Victor Kane wrote:
> All posts here are well meaning... but there are a few premises which in 
> my opinion are faulty and bear deeper examination.
Very interesting reply. I have to say though, it doesn't really seem to 
have much to do with what everyone else was talking about. :)

> Drupal's intelligence as being practically a virtual machine while 
> remaining procedural, its clean super modular approach, etc., is a 
> result of what already works: the bazaar: we must avoid the temptation 
> of the cathedral.
Absolutely and good point. I think that's why most people in this thread 
were saying we don't need certification. Personally I just treated as an 
interesting brain teaser, just trying to think of a certification method 
that would work.

> The corporate world has been with Drupal for quite some time now, and is 
> enjoying it as it is.
I don't know, my wife works at a well known tech university and they're 
standardising on Sharepoint. In fact Sharepoint is gaining a scary 
amount of traction. There's always room for improvement, particularly in 
ways that will increase the credibility of Drupal in the world of the PHBs.

> So I would submit for consideration the counterpart: the instability of 
> many corporations and NGO's lead to excessive demands, the need for 
> everything to be ready "yesterday", the need to extract a pound of flesh 
> from the hirelings. More than certification, we need a bloody union.
Hmmm, not sure about this. Employment law is good enough in most 
countries is good enough to negate the need for unions, depends where 
you are I suppose. Perhaps a co-op would be a better idea?

> More than certification we need a bloody union!!!
Isn't this a false dichotomy? Couldn't we have both: the community could 
organise the certification. To continue the Bazaar approach: the exams 
could consist of work that contributes to the community.

Kind Regards,
Liam McDermott.

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