[consulting] General consultant's vent

Ayen Designs info at ayendesigns.com
Thu Aug 6 02:38:40 UTC 2009

Where were you when I was writing my response ;-)

Cameron Eagans wrote:

> Because you are the expert on the topic, kindly explain to her that a 
> blog you can build in 30 minutes won't be of the same quality as the 
> one that you could build in three hours. The reason that you are 
> getting paid for web development is not because you know how to build 
> a website. Anyone can do that. You work with Drupal: you build 
> kick-ass websites that work well, are stable and secure, and supported 
> by a community of tens of thousands of people.
> That said, if she doesn't want the work done, there's nothing saying 
> you have to do it anyways. Just move on to another client.
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