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Cameron Eagans cweagans at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 04:08:50 UTC 2009

Typically, you support your own server, so I would *not  *go this route if
you don't know how to run a LInux server. Typically, support is limited to
'Huh, network outage? Ok, we'll fix it.' Same with power and resource
issues. Most VPS providers will not respond to 'Will you install and
configure software x and make it do y?' requests.

That said, Slicehost is pretty good about directing you to the right places
when you request something that's out of their support system's scope.

NFS is pretty much the same way, but Apache and related packages come
pre-installed (they have a free trial if you are interested).
Cameron Eagans
Owner, Black Storms Studios, LLC

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 9:42 PM, Ayen Designs <info at ayendesigns.com> wrote:

> Thanks Cameron. If I go the VPS route, how does support work? Do I get
> support the way I would with a typical hosting account, or do they expect me
> only to call if the server has crashed?
> Cameron Eagans wrote:
>  I haven't had much experience with HostMonster, but I can say that
>> NearlyFreeSpeech.net will run Drupal 6 and 7 very well -- you can also (for
>> small fees) have them modify the settings for your site -- PHP Memory limit
>> being the most notable -- you pay only for what you use (I'm paying about
>> $2.50 per month to host around 15 sites in a Drupal multisite install +
>> modules + DNS + bandwidth + MySQL)
>> Dunno if you're interested in switching again, but I would recommend
>> either NearlyFreeSpeech.net or a VPS (Slicehost is pretty good -- I've
>> worked with them before and they were basically amazing)
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