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Thu Aug 6 19:53:23 UTC 2009

On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 3:38 PM, Christian Pearce <christian at pearcec.com>wrote:

> The lawyer analogy is good as a practice, but let us not forget if you want
> to be a lawyer you have to pass the bar (at least in the US).  So already
> there is a market differentiation.  Just about anyone can advertise I can do
> Drupal work.  Does it mean they are qualified no.
> Lawyers also have a lot of code of conduct when it comes to setting prices
> and people can file a grievance with the state if they are unsatisfied.
> I sort of like what I saw in this post recently, perhaps as a consulting
> group we should take the categories listed below and work up some
> descriptions of how we in the "Consulting Shop Rate" differentiate ourselves
> from one another.  Let's turn this into something constructive. What to
> help? ( Edit: http://groups.drupal.org/node/25054 )
> http://drupal.org/node/536998
> What is the market price for drupal work?
> The answer to this question is that it depends:
> Off-shore rate: $15-$20/hr
> Freelancer Rate in North America: $30-$60
> Consulting Shop Rate: $70-$100
> High-end Consulting Shop Rate: $150-$250
> P.S: I also know shops that charge $300/hr, and they are one of the most
> experienced Drupal shops around and have built some of the biggest Drupal
> sites.
> Each of these categories come with its own advantages and disadvantages

I'd be really surprised if there were many experienced Drupal freelance
developers charging $60 or less in US.  I'd say the freelance rate is more
like $30 to $125 -- and based, in large part of experience and skill.

Now if you're just talking about freelancers doing a little bit of
programming in their spare time for web shops, then yes, that rate may be

But if you are talking about freelancers that develop whole sites and work
directly with clients, who are basically one person shops, then the market
rate -- at least on the East Coast -- is much higher.  At least it is for
those who can code and theme.

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