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I guess it depends on point of view. I look at the my work, the kind of 
development I usually work on, as craft. There are software engineering 
credentials and so forth. My typical project and style of development 
would be more akin to a craftsman woodworker or so forth, and thus based 
on recommendations and portfolio, more so than what credential exams 
will show.  That said, some of the best lawyers around took their bar 
exam many times, and some of the worst passed it the first time through.

Domenic Santangelo wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 12:38 PM, Christian Pearce 
> <christian at pearcec.com <mailto:christian at pearcec.com>> wrote:
>     let us not forget if you want to be a lawyer you have to pass the
>     bar (at least in the US).  So already there is a market
>     differentiation.  Just about anyone can advertise I can do Drupal
>     work.  Does it mean they are qualified no.
> What's keeping us from creating our own Bar Exam so that when someone 
> advertises they can do Drupal work they can point to an independent 
> qualification?
> -D
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