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Bob Morse bob at morsemedia.net
Thu Aug 6 20:50:29 UTC 2009

You're welcome.

One of the things I feel I provide as a consultant and developer on 
Drupal is I monitor new modules and module releases. I also post links 
in our basecamp account to Drupal modules that look interesting even if 
we wouldn't be using them on current projects. Even so, on almost every 
project we  come across a module or code snippet that does something we 
were scratching our heads over and not wanting to write yet another 
module. So, as knowledgeable as a client might be about web development 
or Drupal, they are not going to spend the time on a day to day basis to 
be able know what Drupal is really capable of and how best to accomplish 
a particular task. If they did, they'd be full time web developers 
themselves! So, I don't think Drupal will become the end of the 
developer. Rather, it's just the beginning.

Ayen Designs wrote:
> Thanks Bob. Looks promising. It shows that another thing that effects 
> all of this is timing. The name issue was early July. Maybe I should 
> start putting things on hold for a week or two to see if a new module 
> pops up :-)
> Bob Morse wrote:
>> There's also this module: http://drupal.org/project/blogtitle
>> I haven't tried it, so caveat emptor.
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