[consulting] General consultant's vent

Ayen Designs info at ayendesigns.com
Thu Aug 6 22:28:04 UTC 2009

I looked at odesk once...quickly. Aside from the whole 'big brother' 
thing, and it being nobody's business whether I do 8 billable hours over 
a 10 hour period while doing other things, like this post, the last 
thing I need is forgetting to disengage their little spybot while 
reading e-mail, reviewing client data, or getting an IM. Their take on 
it: you can review the snapshots and clean/delete (don't remember) the 
ones that are a problem. Sure, that's what I want to do, have someone 
look over my shoulder and then have me go through dozens of screen caps 
every day, and get sued if I miss one with confidential data in it.

Victor Kane wrote:

> And the hourly rate of the proud winner of the Drupal 5 odesk 
> certification test, referred to in the referred associative tweet?
> USD $19 / hour.

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