[consulting] Drupal Certification

Ayen Designs info at ayendesigns.com
Fri Aug 7 14:21:13 UTC 2009

No, it has a lot to do with the location...just not the specific 
location. I, given spec that is loose enough to depend on my cultural 
sensibilities, would develop just as questionable a result writing 
software for a company in India or China or anywhere outside my sphere, 
but I may have a perfect score on the certification. The point was that 
that, as just one example, is why certification doesn't speak to the 
suitability of the person for the purpose, only that they have memorized 
the core material.

Bill Fitzgerald wrote:

> Ayen Designs wrote:
>> Not to malign offshore developers, but through much experience I can 
>> say that there is a fairly consistent issue of developers outside the 
>> west understanding the unwritten business assumptions, aesthetics and 
>> other intangibles that one expects to be present in design and 
>> development, unless those things are spelled out in agonizing detail. 
>> However, these same folks can score very high on certification exams.

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