[consulting] List Strike!

John Fletcher net at saltwebsites.com
Mon Aug 10 19:28:24 UTC 2009

I propose a strike from this list! Although the content is usually 
sparse and interesting enough to make good reading:

The subject of certification, whilst a valid topic of discussion, was 
discussed at length a couple of months ago. I'm over it.

The subject of politics, unions in IT and the related comments do not 
are not related closely enough to Drupal consultants to be worth reading 
or even evaluating. Once Victor has started his union he can send one 
email to this list and all interested people can join.

How many people have unsubscribed from this list as a result of these 
discussions? Well, at least one (remember - he tried to unsubscribe by 
emailing the list). If these messages continue for more than another 
day, "Drupal Consultants of The List" will unite and unsubscribe for one 


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