[consulting] Shared hosting which supports Drupal AND has Plesk control panel?

Audrius Naslenas audrius.naslenas at gmail.com
Mon Aug 10 21:37:43 UTC 2009


Currently using Cpanel for my projects, but current provider doesn't offer
Plesk. Please, recommend shared hosting, which hosts Drupal AND uses Plesk
control panel. Customer wants Plesk - so this is "required".

Have <5 brochure sites, built with Drupal. Mostly the "lightweight" modules,
maybe up to 200-500 unique visitors/day, no heavy resources usage. Also:
-US East coast or Europe preferred
-Multi-domain hosting, lets say 5 domains.
-Up to 10$/month
-If possible, not the type of "unlimited anything for 0.49$/month" hosting
company ;)

Thank you in advance,
Audrius N.

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