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It's not entirely a bad idea for a graphics house to use a publishing tool
like Dreamweaver, especially when that lets them create a site in an
environment that meshes well with other tools like Photoshop, Illustrator,
Fireworks, etc etc etc.

Also, the PSD plugin Sitegrinder does a decent of job of shoehorning
capacity for basic forms and arbitrary PHP in what is otherwise a piece of
static content.  Although these features are crude compared to a full CMS,
they still can be applicable to many many people.

Drupal is intended primarily for dynamic content generation, where the
volume of the content and the axes along which content may vary are pretty
much open-ended, and this is its strong point.  It's likely not worthwhile
to convince a client that Drupal is a good fit if their business hinges more
on the presentation of their content rather than the volume and diversity of

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> On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 4:27 PM, forest mars <compustretch at gmail.com>wrote:
>> But that last part is just saad, or am I the only one who takes it
>> personally when someone who falls into the above categories listens to
>> everything you tell them, and then says they will be doing their top-secret
>> earth-shatering new web development in.... Dreamweaver?
>> I die a little each time that happens…
> Worse than that is having a client come to you with a site done in
> Dreamweaver, spent as much as you would have charged doing the site in
> Drupal.  But not they are stuck with a static site and wonder why it costs
> so much to add "basic" functionality.  How do people handle those sort of
> situations?
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