[consulting] Drupal Rock Stars Need a Union

liza nyc.blogdiva at gmail.com
Tue Aug 11 17:13:56 UTC 2009

so you're saying it's really cool and necessary for your to profit from the
anonymous labor and exploitation of others? cool! drupalites never cease to
amaze me at their zeal for reaching that capitalist pig badge.

ok ... am joking.

i havent jumped in fully into the discussion because i want to be thoughtful
about what i write about this thread. especially after losing some serious
amount of money on two people who declared themselves to be expert Drupal Xs
and Ys.

here i am thinking, well since in the drupal community am not really
respected because i am not coder, there must be better qualified people to
do the work i need done. and guess what? not only did i know WAAAAAAAY more
about the system than these alleged Drupal web developers, but am finishing
the fucking job they weren't capable of doing in the first place.

so here's the thing: the issue of certification is real but i am not
necessarily convinced that certification is what we need.

we do need a way to assessing the skills of people who call themselves
experts. beyond a portfolio and YES even beyond recommendations.

the biggest problem i see is that Drupal needs to work more vigorously at
setting QA standards. when you hire a so-called drupaler who says they can
do X or Y but really cannot because they've never tested the X or Y with the
sea of modules that are out there ---modules core developers never take into
account for benchmarking--- then we have a serious problem in execution.

yes, yes, yes i know this is what happens with open source projects but i
dont give a f**k about other open-source projects. i care about THIS open
source project and i'd love to see things done a bit differentely.

Drupal is like the boyfriend that never really wants to say to you "I love
you" even though they've done everything to show you they really need you.
Well, needing is not the same as loving. I want Drupal to commit to setting
standards before giving modules that green checkmark. Meaning, I want them
to think of the end-user FIRST before giving too much credence to
"developers". And I want Drupal to not just say they're working on QA and
thinking about the end-user. I want them to actually go out there and do
test sites that involve real life installations so they can truly benchmark
and debug and in a way force module developers to start working with one
another and not just in the vaccum of their respective sandboxes.

If developers had to actually put their modules in very public real life
installations that the community could test, analyze and rate we would be
finding the standards for actual quality and competence ---not just taking
the word of a few people on what it should be or look like.

Anyway ... am ranting too much.. That's why I want to put it on a blog post
:D Am really seeing it from a whole different perspective.


Liza Sabater

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On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 12:24 PM, Ayen Designs <info at ayendesigns.com> wrote:

>  Then again, pick out any of the most amazing creations you can think of
> that was made my many... the Great Pyramids, the Eiffel tower, the Harley
> V-Twin engine, the NY Subway (engineering-wise), and name one person other
> than the 'marketing point man' who contributed to its creation. 'nuff said.
> Victor Kane wrote:
> We're working stiffs here, not rock stars, trying to sell our labor, not
> ourselves. Trying to keep food on the table, a roof over our heads, school
> and health and hope in the future; and Drupal free as in beer and sex.
> And apart from our paying gigs, the ones who contribute most to the
> community, barely get noticed more often than not.
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