[consulting] Drupal Freelancers Needed

Sam Cohen sam at samcohen.com
Wed Aug 12 19:13:23 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Anyone looking for work?

Hi, I specialize in small to medium Drupal sites for small businesses, start
ups, political candidates and nonprofits.  I do back the back-end
development for a number of designers/small design firms and I also work
directly with clients. .

I've got a bunch of projects in the pipeline that I'm going to need to find
a few Drupal freelancers for  -- some for advanced skills, some more
configuration, some just theming.

In some cases I might need someone to take over the whole project for me.
In others cases just to help out with parts of it.

I'm willing to work with folks who live just about anywhere.  I'm also
willing to work with beginners and do training for some projects.

I'm really only looking for freelancers/independent developer/consultants
(not shops) , as these are all small to medium sized projects.

If you are available and interested, can you email me and answer the
following? (just email me, not the group)

1.  What's your Drupal skill level? (for example, configuration, theming,
programming, please be specific about what you can and cannot do)

2.  What languages do you work with?  (html, css, php, js, etc)

3.  How much Drupal experience do you have?

4.  Any other skills I should know about, for example design, project
management, UI, etc?

5.  What's your hourly rate?

6.  How much availability do you have?  How many hours a week?  Can you
commit to a project during the weekdays or is it just weekends and
evenings.   Are you booked until a certain date?

7.  Can you provide a few links to websites you have done.  And if you have
a web site,  a link?

Thank You,
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