[consulting] Trademark policy

Tom Geller tom at tomgeller.com
Wed Aug 12 19:27:02 UTC 2009

"George D. DeMet" <demet at palantir.net> writes:

> The existence of .com domains that have the word "Drupal" in them  
> does not
> mean that the Drupal trademark has not been defended; the relevant
> question is whether any of those domains are being used in a way that
> could lead to consumer confusion

Thanks for the clarification. I should have written that I  
"wonder" (rather than "doubt") the trademark's defensibility. I trust  
your experience more than mine in this matter.

Wandering thought... Here's a good sign of whether "Drupal"'s become  
genericized: If common usage became, "I had a lot of stuff to get  
online, so I put it in a Drupal" -- meaning, put it in some kind of  
CMS, not necessarily Drupal. Or, more pointedly, "SharePoint is the  
best Drupal around!" ;)


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