[consulting] Acceptable Job Postings

Ryan Cross drupal at ryancross.com
Thu Aug 27 23:12:39 UTC 2009


This is not directed at anyone in particular (i.e. Sam) but I'm
curious how other people feel about job postings on this mailing list.
I personally would expect this list to be used for discussions between
consultants/shops and mostly around issues facing us that do not
necessarily get addressed by other outlets (i.e. not technical or
development questions, theming functions, etc). I would generally
expect discussions around business topics such as Sam's recent
discussion about a skills inventory used in hiring people.

It seems very obvious when people not familiar with this list (usually
newbies) end up posting job offers or projects to this list without
this concept. While I am sure people on this list might be interested
in more work (obviously they are in the business for it), I personally
do not like seeing them here. I guess I would like to imagine that
this can be a bit of a sanctuary for discussion about clients/business
without feeling like we have to always be worried about looking bad in
front of potential clients. (you probably don't want clients knowing
you're unsure of how to estimate a job or that your contracts might
have holes in it, etc). I am quite conscious of this being a public
forum and have no delusions people can find out this stuff, but I
don't want potential clients to have more of a reason to come here and
I would support any actions that would discourage this like job posts
to this list. The converse of this would be if people started posting
to this list advertising their skills/services, which I think would
also be inappropriate.

How does everyone else feel?

There may be some grey areas, such as consultants looking for
specialists in other areas. Like a themer looking for a developer, or
a developer looking for a hoster. So, if you do want to support job
posts, what is acceptable?

This may also lead into a more detailed discussion of general
guidelines for this list I guess, but I think this is a specific issue
that should have a clear answer.


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