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Steve J Bayer stevejbayer at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 13:36:41 UTC 2009

Viewing discussions on questionable client requests/requirements is the very
reason I join consulting lists whether it's for Drupal or non-Drupal related

When I do feel like I should post a question about a client request, I step
back and try to decide if the possible hassles involved with a new and
questionable client would be worth the time sink.

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 6:25 PM, Brian Vuyk <brian at brianvuyk.com> wrote:

> Personally, I could do without the ads. I'm not looking for more work, and
> the ads just clutter up my trash.
> However, I can see their value to others of the group. I am inclined to
> agree with the other responses which suggest ads looking for consultants,
> and posted by consultants are appropriate, while those by tech recruiters
> and the like are not really.
> As far as clients on the list, well, they definately lurk here. A while
> back, I posted (in general terms) about a client issue I was having, looking
> for advice / how other developers handled it. I had a *different* client
> call me later in the day quite upset that I was referring to him. Once I
> explained that it was not him, and pointed out the obvious major differences
> between what I wrote to the group and him, he calmed down, but told me in no
> uncertain terms that he felt I should not be discussing client relationships
> with others.
> Since then, I've refrained from discussing anything client-related or
> business-related in this group. However, I wouldn't mind seeing a mailing
> list created with controlled access for developers - ie, you must have an
> email address from a development shop or something. I do feel that we can
> learn a lot from each other, especially small business shops. Best business
> practices, tips for dealing with problem clients etc. etc. which may not be
> appropriate to discuss in front of clients directly.
> Brian
> Ryan Cross wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This is not directed at anyone in particular (i.e. Sam) but I'm
>> curious how other people feel about job postings on this mailing list.
>> I personally would expect this list to be used for discussions between
>> consultants/shops and mostly around issues facing us that do not
>> necessarily get addressed by other outlets (i.e. not technical or
>> development questions, theming functions, etc). I would generally
>> expect discussions around business topics such as Sam's recent
>> discussion about a skills inventory used in hiring people.
>> It seems very obvious when people not familiar with this list (usually
>> newbies) end up posting job offers or projects to this list without
>> this concept. While I am sure people on this list might be interested
>> in more work (obviously they are in the business for it), I personally
>> do not like seeing them here. I guess I would like to imagine that
>> this can be a bit of a sanctuary for discussion about clients/business
>> without feeling like we have to always be worried about looking bad in
>> front of potential clients. (you probably don't want clients knowing
>> you're unsure of how to estimate a job or that your contracts might
>> have holes in it, etc). I am quite conscious of this being a public
>> forum and have no delusions people can find out this stuff, but I
>> don't want potential clients to have more of a reason to come here and
>> I would support any actions that would discourage this like job posts
>> to this list. The converse of this would be if people started posting
>> to this list advertising their skills/services, which I think would
>> also be inappropriate.
>> How does everyone else feel?
>> There may be some grey areas, such as consultants looking for
>> specialists in other areas. Like a themer looking for a developer, or
>> a developer looking for a hoster. So, if you do want to support job
>> posts, what is acceptable?
>> This may also lead into a more detailed discussion of general
>> guidelines for this list I guess, but I think this is a specific issue
>> that should have a clear answer.
>> Thanks,
>> Ryan
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