[drupal-devel] [task] Make module descriptions consistent

Anisa mystavash at animecards.org
Fri Apr 1 05:13:34 UTC 2005

Morbus Iff wrote:

>> Hm, but...  in that case, then, perhaps you should say 'Handles the 
>> auto-throttling mechanism, one way to control site congestion.'
> Yeah, but the first thing I'd do as an editor is to
> remove "one way", because they're garbage words <g>.

Please define garbage words.  I think you've said that before, so an 
explanation would be helpful for me.  :)

>> 'This mechanism is utilized by other Drupal models to automatically 
>> What are these Drupal models?  Perhaps it means Drupal modules?
> Quite correct. This is a typo.

Ara, ara.  ;)  You mean you didn't read the whole patch before +1'ing 
it?  ^.^  Just kidding.


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