[drupal-devel] New Archive Archive Module

CodeMonkeyX codemonkeyx at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 08:26:27 UTC 2005

The current archive module for Drupal is inadequate, plain and simple.
You are presented with a simple three-part form with the year, month,
and day. You enter the date of the post you are looking for, and hit
submit. If you do not happen to know the exact day that a post was
made you are out of luck.

Another problem with the current archive module is the fact that it
uses a form to browse the archive. Because a form is used no feedback
about the users current location in the archive is displayed in the
url. So it is nearly impossible to link to a specific part of the

So my new module had a few features that I really felt were required.

    * Navigation: a new system for navigating the archives was
required. The new system should provide a more granular way for users
to browse the archive by date or by node type.
    * URL Feedback: provides the user with a familiar way to keep
track of their position in the archive, and also provides a easy way
for people to link to specific areas of the archive.
    * Filter by Date or Type: the old module just displayed all nodes.
I thought it would be better if the user to specify if they wanted to
view only blog nodes, or forum nodes, etc.

These are the features that are in the demo I am currently using on my
site. It is still under development, but if all goes well maybe this
will become a part of the Drupal core for the 4.7 release. We will see
how it goes.

You can read more on my site:

View a Demo:

Tell me what you think, and what could be done to make it better.

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