[drupal-devel] Re: [contributions(DRUPAL-4-5):sheldon]

Eric Scouten drupal.org at list.ericscouten.com
Tue Apr 5 19:39:40 UTC 2005

Jeremy Epstein wrote:
> On Apr 5, 2005 1:54 AM, Sheldon Rampton <sheldon at prwatch.org> wrote:
>>Based on my experience, I would recommend revising the contributor's
>>guide so it doesn't advise Macintosh users to use CVL. Since I don't
>>use Windows, I don't know whether continuing to recommend TortoiseCVS
>>is a good idea, ...

> I'm a full-time Windows user (and ashamed of it, as I should be), so I
> followed the advice in the Drupal handbook, and used TortoiseCVS to
> access the repository. ...
> When I got my CVS contrib account, I tried using TortoiseCVS to make
> my first commit. ...
> I would advise all my fellow newbie-contributors to do the same thing:
> only make commits using command-line CVS! Especially since the
> handbook (to date) only has instructions for making commits using the
> command-line utility.

Let me offer a counterpoint.

I don't use CVS in my day-to-day work (I much prefer the commercial 
software Perforce), so my goal is to learn as little CVS as possible to 
download Drupal and make my occasional contributions back.

In the year and half that I've been involved with the Drupal project, 
every single CVS update *and commit* that I've made against the Drupal 
CVS server has been made with TortoiseCVS. As far as I can tell, they've 
always had exactly the effect I had intended. My work has shifted lately 
from Windows to Mac, but I continue to come back to Windows specifically 
for my downloads and uploads with Tortoise.

Highly recommended.


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