[drupal-devel] See the working code in the CiviCRM Sandbox

David Geilhufe dgeilhufe at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 7 14:17:45 UTC 2005

CiviCRM, a free and open source contact and
relationship management system designed for (and by)
nonprofits, is making progress! It is LAMP based,
currently running as a drupal module, and will drive
the CRM functionality of CivicSpace.

You've probably been watching this CiviCRM thing and
the word "vaporware" popped into your head. That's OK,
we don't blame you one bit. But we are banking on your
guilt (or better yet, your excitement) to now drive
your contributions to CiviCRM.  ;)

We are following the open source process of
"release early, release often." You will find a
relatively recent, relatively stable snapshot of
CiviCRM WORK-IN-PROGRESS here for you to play with. We
will be adding and refining functionality on a daily
basis - so please be forgiving...some things just
don't work yet...and come back regularly.

username: demo
password: demo

Please provide comments on the demo. Tell us what's
good, what's bad and what's missing. You can do that
at the link below by scrolling to the bottom of the
page and adding a comment or logging in and adding a

Now that there is working code, a working API, a user
interface and documentation, we are seeking developers
to begin integrating CiviCRM with their applications.

Developer Notes-

Installation Notes-

You can find out where this demo is going by looking
at our feature list:
and UI prototypes:

As always, we need your participation to make CiviCRM
a success.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to
contact me, David Geilhufe, at the email below.

David Geilhufe
Social Source Foundation
david -AT- socialsourcefoundation -DOT- org

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