[drupal-devel] Okay, I think I borked my CVS...what do I do now?

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Tue Apr 12 01:45:28 UTC 2005

Syscrusher wrote:

> Apparently, I've thoroughly borked this, because I now can't get the files to
> show up in a 4.6 checkout, but can't get CVS to remove them so I can start
> over.

Hmm, I see how it is and can imagine sort of how it got there.  The revision 
you tagged with DRUPAL-4-6 no longer exists.  I'm guessing that's because you 
removed it.

For exmaple, in hof.module, the DRUPAL-4-6 tag is on the revision, but 
the only  revisions that seem to exist are: 1.2, 1.2,, and 
So checking out DRUPAL-4-6 gets nothing for that file.  Probably the same for 
the others.

You might be able to fix this by forcibly deleting the tags (cvs tag -d 
DRUPAL-4-6) and then rebranching/tagging the files.


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