[drupal-devel] Node access module

Boris Mann borismann at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 16:18:16 UTC 2005

On Apr 12, 2005 2:03 AM, Dries Buytaert <dries at buytaert.net> wrote:

> 1. From what I have seen, a taxonomy-based permission scheme is more
> popular than one using node types.  If you aim to get this module
> included in core, it is worth discussing the idea of using the
> combination of roles and taxonomy terms, rather than the combination of
> roles and node types.  We should aim to include the most popular scheme
> in core.

taxonomy_access has been the only module where it is effective to
control access to large sections of content -- this does not mean it
is best/popular, it just means that it was the one that solved
problems for people the easiest. It means that you MUST apply taxonomy
to items to control permission -- for building static sites where you
would use book outlines to organize content, this doesn't work at all.

I think that I would rather see a taxonomy-focused and a roles-focused
access, and have them duke it out during live 4.6 development. I'm not
convinced that one module could do both well. But feel free to prove
me wrong by coding up a really killer implementation :P

And of course, I've been loving the groups module, which handles
access to content really nicely, but whose goal isn't really
permissions around individual nodes.

> 2. Using a tab is OK for now, but ideally this would be part of the new
> node submission form.

Agreed, this should be able to be done at node edit time. I understand
where chx is going with the tab-based approached, and I really like it
for a certain style of community site. You might even have a tab that
says "request access" -- e.g. if you want to help edit a page.

Boris Mann

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