[drupal-devel] CVS question: Multiple branch tags on a module

Syscrusher scott at 4th.com
Tue Apr 12 19:20:04 UTC 2005

Hi, all

This time I'm asking before I screw something up. Dries has kindly wiped out
the mangled mess I made in CVS, and I have successfully re-added my files and
tagged them with DRUPAL-4-6 and DRUPAL-4-5 branches (the one code version works
with both Drupal cores, because my code is fairly loosely-coupled).

Now, when I modify a file and do a CVS commit of the new version, my
understanding of the documentation on drupal.org is that I:

1. From a checked out local copy of HEAD, do a "cvs update -dP" to make sure
   I have the latest version of everything relevant.
2. Do whatever changes are needed to the file(s) of my module.
3. Do a "cvs commit", which will update HEAD only and not 4.6 or 4.5 branches.
4. Do a "cvs tag -b DRUPAL-4-6 {filenames}" and repeat for DRUPAL-4-5.

Have I missed anything? Did I misunderstand any of this? Now that I've got things
correct, I don't want to mess it up again. :-)


Scott Courtney     Drupal user name: "syscrusher"   http://drupal.org/user/9184
scott at 4th.com      Drupal projects: http://drupal.org/project/user/9184
Sandbox:  http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/sandbox/syscrusher

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