[drupal-devel] CVS question: Multiple branch tags on a module

Syscrusher scott at 4th.com
Tue Apr 12 20:46:16 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 12 April 2005 15:46, Jim Riggs wrote:
> You will never tag again.  You only tag files once.  Keep a copy  
> checked out for the versions on which you are working:
> cvs co -d hof-HEAD contributions/modules/hof
> cvs co -d hof-4.6 -r DRUPAL-4-6 contributions/modules/hof
> cvs co -d hof-4.5 -r DRUPAL-4-5 contributions/modules/hof
> Make changes as needed to each version.  When you check in, the  
> checkin will happen on that branch:
> cd hof-4.6
> [make changes]
> cvs ci -m '4.6 changes' hof.module # changes made on 4.6 branch

I thought this is what got me in trouble before -- trying to commit changes to
a tagged branch. What is different here than what I did yesterday that got me
messed up?


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