[drupal-devel] Re: CVS question: Multiple branch tags on a module

Jim Riggs drupal-lists at jimandlissa.com
Thu Apr 14 12:27:35 UTC 2005

>> It looks like you just committed changes over an hour ago.  There  
>> is a script that runs on the server that packages the tar.gz files  
>> every 6 hours (I think).  Wait a few hours and check it again.  It  
>> will get updated.
> OK, I waited and Jim was right. The tar.gz file now reflects my  
> commit. The only thing now is that the project page still lists  
> December 31, 2004 as the "latest release" date. This is a minor  
> detail, of course. My main concern was making a current version  
> available for download, and that's now accomplied. However, is  
> there any way to get the latest release date changed on the project  
> page?

As I mentioned in one of my earlier e-mails, that date is populated  
by the project module when a version is first encountered.  It does  
not change.  So, that is the date that the project module first  
encountered the 4.5 version of your module.  The only way to change  
it would be to modify the DB directly.  Also as I said before, this  
may not be the best system, but that is how it currently works.

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