[drupal-devel] playing with google maps and drupal

Anselm Hook anselm at hook.org
Sat Apr 23 02:38:34 UTC 2005

Here is a summary of some playing around I did today with google maps and
drupal.  This is pretty easy for anybody to replicate and improve:


Thought I would fire this off before heading down to SF this weekend.

I'd be very interested in hearing what people think - is google maps a
nice way to visualize drupal content?  Even if not legal ultimately -
maybe the metaphor itself is nice; tile maps + javascript can be applied
to vmap0 and other datasets (admittedly with a lot more work - for example
compare the speed and fluidity of google maps to
( a more traditional mapserver ) ).  For simple visualization and
providing of 'context' - as opposed to editing - does google maps win?

You're welcome to join the cmaps mailing list noted above as well; I'm
hoping to gather discussion there on a variety of technology agnostic
ways to do maps in civicspace.

 - a

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