[drupal-devel] What do users do on my site?

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Sun Apr 24 09:08:31 UTC 2005

> - The fact that the download pages (project/releases, project/Themes and 
> project/Modules) are that popular worries me, because they are hard to 
> navigate.  Better categorization of projects is important, and should be 
> one of this mailing list's tasks.

Multiple people used to say that some taxonomy based categorization of 
the projects should be in order!

> - Ditto for the 'Drupal sites' page.

Ditto :)

> - The fact that the 'CVS messages' page is that popular surprises me.  
> Combined with the above observations, it suggests that people are trying 
> to track module and theme updates/development?

As I said it is a major failure, if the CVS module does not track 
project specific changes properly. Since the downloads are not 
reflecting contributed module updates, there is nothing else to track 
module channges, but the CVS messages.

IMHO the CVS messages itself are easy to navigate now, in case they work 
:) But the other two pages really need more structure.


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