[drupal-devel] What do users do on my site?

Ber Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Sun Apr 24 08:19:39 UTC 2005


Great, tool, but even better that its used to optimize Drupal. :)

> - The fact that the download pages (project/releases, project/Themes
> and project/Modules) are that popular worries me, because they are hard
> to navigate.  Better categorization of projects is important, and
> should be one of this mailing list's tasks.

Steven (Wittens) & I discussed this thursday on IRC.
The bottomlines are:
* Downloading and project management are not the same. They need different
* Dowloads must be on *one* place, not on three.

I updated http://drupal.org/node/20991, which deals with these issues.

> - Ditto for the 'Drupal sites' page.
Should be a nice thing for someone to look into. Maybe we could try
something new and post a request for code (or so) on drupal.org home. Sure
there will be some monkey with spare time, who wants to re-code this page
and drupal.module. As it is now this page is negative marketing. Its so
bad that it scares away people, instead of drawing them into Drupal!


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